Leaving Mexico! Really?!

Leaving Mexico! Really?!

This week has been busy!

Things have been coming together. Lots of things have been done (and cleaned). Everything has been stowed. Everything has been tested. Both sails are back up!! We had a refrigerator guy come out and $150 later, he refreshed the freon. Seriously, that’s more than a visit in the US! Ugh. But our food is staying cold.

Seth is feeling a bit better. Micah started coughing the next day. Now Sarah has a sore throat. Thankfully it seems to be short-lived.

We sent the biggest boy, Caleb, up the mast to reconnect a few things and make sure the lights were working. He loved it and did great! 

The baby birds hatched a few days ago. We moved them tonight over to another boat. Poor Mama was fairly distraught. We’re hoping she goes over to them soon. She’s been flying around a lot.

We talked to friends in El Salvador and the sand bar is open (crossable). Weather looks good. They’re expecting us.

And now, we’re all checked out of Mexico. Three years ago we were heading south and finally, finally, we are! At this moment, the only thing not working is our satellite phone but we have been assured they’ll have it up by midnight. My mom is a bit nervous right now because that’s are only connection when we’re on the water. Honestly, I’m a bit nervous too. It would be naive to not be. We haven’t sailed in 5 months and this isn’t the easiest thing we’ve done. It’s not necessarily difficult or more dangerous, it’s just new territory. It’s also a 250 mile sail rather a short jaunt to start us off again. We need to get our sea legs (and stomachs back). So, please pray for us and we’ll check in Monday or Tuesday once we’ve checked into El Salvador. Thanks friends!

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