Wherever the Wind Blows


We are SO thankful for and blessed by those of you who offer monetary and prayer support. We have a unique opportunity to provide encouragement, counseling, preaching and teaching, training, and an extra set of hands to missionaries, pastors, chaplains, as well as expats and other boaters. We are also able to share the Gospel and our lives with unbelievers around us. (Read more about our ministry statistics here.)

Many member care services are offered for a cost, and sometimes a very high cost. Missionaries are already funded by supporters and they just don’t have enough to pay $400 for a 3 hour debriefing or $1500/for a 3 day retreat. We raise our own financial support so that we can offer our member care services for FREE!

Supporting our ministry means you are also supporting:
-Church plants
-Youth ministries
-Prison ministry 
-Home churches/Bible studies/discipleship for new believers
-Orphanages/abandoned children
-Transition homes for those aging out of orphanages 
-ESL classes and job training to provide opportunities to youth and young adults 
-Homeless ministry
-Operation Christmas Child
-Retreat centers
-Summer camps
-Building projects (schools, churches, homes)
-Addiction recovery ministries

In multiple places, such as:
-Mexico – Baja Sur, Sonora, Jalisco, Nayarit, Chiapas 
-El Salvador
-Nicaragua – San Juan del Sur
-Costa Rica – Guanacaste, Quepos, San José 
-United Kingdom
-United States
-And many other locations as we meet and build relationships with missionaries serving around the globe. 

All of our financial support goes to make it possible for us to reach these missionaries – to ensure the safety, security and reliability of our boat, taxis to ministries, customs/immigration costs, the occasional marina stay if the missionaries are inland, expenses for daysails, meals and other ways we care for missionaries (we’ve found it is a HUGE treat to take a missionary out to dinner!). We do not take a salary for ourselves, nor do we use any of the funds for our personal needs (food, clothing, medical, homeschooling). We currently receive about $1200/month. We estimate our YEARLY MINISTRY NEEDS to be about $43,000, less than $3600/month. Our PERSONAL NEEDS are approximately $3000/month. Since we have been underfunded for the last 3 years, we have had exhausted our savings in order to care for our family AND cover our ministry expenses, but we press on as we know this is what God has called us to do.

Monthly Expenses – Total $3550/month

  • Boat payment $1300
  • Maintenance $1700*
  • Other expenses $550 (transportation (taxis/uber), meals with missionaries, daysails, fuel, customs/immigration costs, communications/navigation subscriptions, etc.)

*Annual boat maintenance is estimated at 10% of the boat’s value ($200,000) per year = $20,000. This includes everything – replacing and repairing as needed. For example, engine parts, preventative maintenance (oil changes, coolant, etc.), haul outs, bottom paint, cleaning products, solar panels and equipment (our power “bill”), water maker supplies and replacement parts (our water “bill”), replacing/updating communication and navigation equipment as needed, saving for new sails, new dinghy, trampoline (not the bouncy kind) and standing/running rigging that need to be replaced every 10 years or so (think of this as the roof on your house). This is the category that hits our savings account the most. Instead of being able to save for these expenses (that typically come in a large quantity once or twice a year), we pay for these out of savings. Our most recent shipyard bill totaled about $10,000. 

Our current plans for the first half of 2020 include ministries in Quepos and Playas del Coco, Costa Rica; San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua; Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, La Paz, Loreto, and Puerto Peñasco, Mexico. 

Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us this coming year? 
Financial support (one time or monthly) can be given online through https://app.clovergive.com/app/Giving/clodo-fbcoronado (or click the Donate button on the right). Paypal donations are also easy for us, although not tax deductible.

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