Since we started this ministry a little over a year ago, there have been many moments (weeks, months 🙄) where we were preparing ourselves (and our boat). We’re still in a constant state of keeping things working, but so excited to see the ministry opportunities that God is providing. The Sunday worship services have grown from our 7 to 14 last couple of weeks (13 different people plus our family). We’re leaving this next week to sail to La Paz to spend the rest of April with a couple of missionary families. We have a new contact with a family in Guatemala, another in Honduras (we’ve been talking to them for a few months) and a new agency contact in Panama!! Our preparations are finally turning into active ministry!!
BUT it’s wonderful to know that God is pleased with all phases of ministry!!

Tomorrow morning we’ll be holding an Easter Sunrise Service on our boat, Ankyrios, in the La Cruz anchorage at 8am. We’ll have some muffins or something similar, but BYOB (like coffee or tea, not that kind of BYOB 😜)
We’ll also have an Easter worship service at 5pm in the VIP Lounge at Marina La Cruz. It’s a come as you are, no need to dress up or bring anything special, other than yourself.
If you’re in the La Cruz area, please join us! If you aren’t, please pray for us and all those that may attend.

One thought on “HE IS RISEN!

  1. Hi!!! Casey here!I miss you sooooooo much! I wish I was there! I have a surprise for when I see you again.But I can’t tell what it is.

  2. Greetings from La Paz. Some boaters just gave me your webpage. We live in La Paz. If you are interested, Crossroads Christian Fellowship meets at 9 AM on Sunday mornings.

    1. Thank you, Dan! It was a pleasure to worship and fellowship with you this past Sunday. Thank you for your hospitality.

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