Ministry Needs

Ministry Needs

Even though ANKYRIOS is in really good condition, there are still lots of things that need to be done before we head around the world. If you are interested in some tangible ways you can help us, here are some suggestions. I will be adding links and prices later.

– Unity
– Peace about our decision to leave Navy and begin missionary work
– Provision / support
– Safety
– Selling vehicles
– Purging excess
– Maintenance
– Sending agency

Repairs / Upgrades
Before October 2016
Sails $3000
– Battery bank $1500-$3000
Trampoline $200 (Completed 05/16 – $1800)
– Watermaker repair – in progress ($850 paid for hoses and new membranes)
Tank sensors – $250
Port head – $500 (Completed – $350)
Taxes (Praise the Lord, no taxes due. We were looking at a $19k bill)
Wind generator repair (Completed 07/16, Brandy’s dad, an electrical engineer, helped troubleshoot)
– Name / Logo – in progress (Name – $164 paid; Greg Key working on logo)
– Lifeboat maintenance / replacement – $2000 (Recertification not possible, must be replaced – $3500)
– Hard top $6000 (In progress, $6000 paid)

After October 2016 (we are considering going to a yard in Ensenada, Mexico for some of the work)
– Running rigging – $700 (In progress – $1200 paid!!!)
Standing rigging inspection – $300 (Completed 09/16 – Full replacement – $10000 by the time we reach Australia)
– Tune mast
– Rewire (what a mess!!!)
– Cabinets (galley)
– Bottom paint $2000
Wax $1000 (Completed 09/16, paid $1100)
– Remodel STBD Aft stateroom (3 bunks)

Required Purchases
EPIRB $600 (Purchased 07/16, + 2 Personal Locator Beacons – $1080)
Mast climber $275 (Purchased 03/16, $249)
Stanchion racks $400 (Purchased one set, $190. Need another.)
Foul weather gear (Purchased 03/16, $542)

“Nice-to-have” Purchases
– Kayaks
– SUP’s
– Surfboards
Brownie electric hookah system VS335X – 3 Diver “X” Package $4,700
Sewing machine $950 (Purchased 03/16, paid $1250)
– GoPro

Training / certifications
– Red Cross – WSI
– Lifeguard cert – Hope, Caleb
– Skipper’s license
– Guitar lessons
– Surfing lessons for kids
– Women’s ministry

– Boat payment – $1300/mo
– Marina fees
– Transportation fees (annual / emergency flights)
– Fuel
– Satphone subscription – $150/mo
– DMin – $375/mo
Lodging @Knox Seminary
– Homeschool curriculum
– Homeschool testing
– Savings – Retirement, college, land
– Storage – $400/mo

One thought on “Ministry Needs

  1. Dennis and Brandy,

    Aaron and I are so thrilled for this opportunity that God has presented to your family! We will be supporting you in prayer, but we would also like to support you in other ways. Please let me know how we can go about helping you with some of the items on this list. We’d like to know what your most urgent need is, and also where to send the item(s). We truly believe that God has called you to do His work, and we cannot wait to see what He has in store!

    <3 Aaron and Jessica Ross

    1. Thank you for your willingness to support this work. It means so much to have those who know us validate our calling. We are still in Coronado for the next couple of weeks if there is something you want to send. We are working with our church, First Baptist Church Coronado, to put a support link on their web site ( Right now, the link just shows “Missions.” If you want to donate there, you can send an email to and let her know that your gift is designated for us. I can give you our mailing address or physical address if you need.

      We have purchased many of the listed items (bought running rigging today – $1500!!!). I would say our most urgent needs are the life raft (figured out that’s $3500), personal locator beacons ($250 x 5), and replacement stanchions ($200 x 3).

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