Jesus Heals an Official’s Son

The official was running, running to save his son’s life, for he was very sick. About a day before, the official had heard from one of his servants that Jesus was in a nearby city. He also heard that this “Jesus” fellow could heal the sick. After the official tried everything to make his son better, he figured it wouldn’t hurt to go to Jesus and beg Him to come and heal his son.

The Official arrived at the gate to the city, where he was refused entry. 

“But why?” He asked the guards at the gate. 

“Governor’s orders.” replied one of the guards. “No one in or out.” 

Knowing it was useless to argue with the guard, the official sat down next to the path to what to do next. He didn’t have long to think before he heard,

“Why are you sad, my friend?” 

He looked up. Before him stood a man who was looking very kindly at the official. 

“I came here looking a man named Jesus, but now I can’t because I’m not allowed in the city.” He blinked back sudden tears.

“The man you seek is I.” Jesus sat beside the official. The official looked in disbelief at Jesus, amazed at his luck. “It would seem we are in the same boat, you and I.” Jesus continued. 

A moment of silence followed, during which both of the men watched the bustling crowd around them. 

Finally, the official plucked up his courage and asked, 

“Jesus, my son is very sick, and I am afraid that he will not live. Would you come down to my house and heal him?” 

Jesus looked at him, and then answered, 

“Unless you see a wondrous deed performed in your life, you will not believe.”

The official looked at the ground, unsure what to say to this comment. And while still looking at the ground, Jesus said:  

       “But go; your son shall live.” 

        The official stood. He looked at Jesus.

        “Thank you, Jesus.” He said. With that he turned to head home.

        After spending the night camping, the official continued working his way back to his home when he noticed two people running toward him. When in hearing range, one of them called,

       “Master! You’re son! He’s getting better!” 

       The official now saw that it was two of his servants  

       “How can this be?” The official asked. “When did it happen?”

       “Yesterday, at around 1 o’ clock.” The second servant answered.   “Why?” 

       “Because,” the official said, “that’s when Jesus said that he would be healed! Jesus truly can heal the sick. He is The Son of God!”