Jesus Changes Water into Wine

By Sarah Kelly

There was a joyous occasion happening at Cana in Galilee: a wedding. Jesus and his disciples were invited, and they went, along with Mary, Jesus’ mother. 

There was a feast and many people were there. Jesus’ disciples went and ate and drank the wine that was provided. But Jesus just sat by, watching as time passed and the wineskins were drained, one after another. Soon, they were all gone.

Mary, Jesus’ mother, approached him. “They have no more wine,” she told him. She knew that Jesus was sent to her from God, so therefore he was capable of doing things beyond what they could imagine. 

Jesus looked at his mother. “Why do you turn to me? It is not my time or place to do anything.”

Mary was slightly disappointed, but turned to a few servants that were standing nearby. “Do what my son tells you,” she said. “No matter what that may be.” She turned and saw John watching her. “And you watch him, so that I may know what happens.”

John nodded. It wasn’t because he was being respectful. He knew the one he called teacher was more than he appeared. He was curious of what would happen. 

Jesus sat in his seat for a few more minutes, John watching intently. He didn’t seem to want to do anything, but then Jesus called a servant over. 

“Go fill up those jugs with water,” he said, pointing to the ceremonial jars in the corner of the room. “Then bring them back to me.” 

The servant nodded respectfully, then hurried over to the other servants. She whispered something to them, then six of them went to the jugs. They each picked up one, then went out of the banquet hall to the well. They came back in a bit, each of the servants with a jar filled to the brim with clear water. 

“Here, lord,” the servants said. “We did as you asked us.”

Jesus nodded. “Now draw some out into a goblet and take it to the master of the banquet.” 

The servant exchanged a look with the other ones. “The master of the banquet?” she said hesitantly. “But this is just water.”

Jesus looked at her calmly. “Do as I say.” 

The servant nodded. “Yes, I’m sorry, lord.” She went and found an extravagant goblet and drew some out, then began to take it the middle of the feast, John following a distance off, just to know what would happen. What did Jesus intend to do with the water?

The servant sidled up to the master of the banquet and stood by his side until he was done talking with one of the guests. “My lord?” she said softly, so that John had a hard time hearing her. “I have something for you.” She held out the goblet. 

The master of the banquet took the goblet then waved her away. The servant bowed her head, then walked away. But John didn’t. He stayed and watched. He wanted to know what would happen. 

The master of the banquet took a long drought from the goblet, but then drew it back quickly, confusion in his eyes. He looked into the goblet, then waved his hand to a servant. The servant walked over and the master of the banquet whispered into his ear.

John expected the servant to go find the one that had brought the goblet, but instead, he went to the bridegroom. He said something to him and the bridegroom followed him back to the master of the banquet.

“Everyone always brings out the best wine at the beginning of the feast,” the master of the banquet said. “How is it that you bring it out near the end?” 

The bridegroom looked puzzled. “I’m sorry,” he replied. “I was not aware that it had been held back.” 

“Well, no matter. Just get me some more of that wine.”

The bridegroom nodded. “I will make sure of it.” Then he hurried off to find the wine that he didn’t know about.

That was when John figured out what had happened. Jesus had somehow changed the water into wine. 

That was when John knew something. Jesus was not a helpless human. He came from somewhere else and had powers gifted from God himself. John wondered what they could do. Then another question arose. Could Jesus defy Death itself and raise someone from the dead? John wondered if he’d ever figure out.